If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Troubleshooting Team.

When you have a solution which isn’t working correctly, or you just don’t think it’s performing well enough, it’s common for organisations to think that a rip and replace strategy is better than spending the time to resolve issues.

Unfortunately, upgrading in the hope of solving an underlying problem simply replicates the problem – poor performance running faster, rather than strong, optimised performance made better. It’s often worth taking the time to re evaluate the situation and get expert help to solve the issues.

If infrastructure isn't working as it should, your team will want answers and they may be looking to you for solutions.

What options do you have?

  1. Cap in hand to the board for more money- you might get sacked. High risk.
  2. Fingers crossed that it is resolved by your current team- Might get sacked. High risk.
  3. Delegate to a team with a head of project- Looks like it’s being take seriously. You can sack someone else. Medium risk.
  4. Hire A-Troubleshooting-Team- if you can find them. Low risk.

Troubleshoot, Triage, Remedy

Great troubleshooters will look beyond the preconceptions about your security framework, will bring to bear experience gained in a multitude of different environments, and will deliver a range of possible solutions, starting with what can be done within your current set-up.

Be very wary of people who tell you it can’t be fixed. IT Security is based on logic, not intuition or magic. The root cause is out there and whilst finding it might take more than a moment or two, it will likely cause less disruption than a rip and replace, and eradicate the issue for the future. No-one ever sold a new platform or implementation by repairing the old one, but it will give you a stable basis to plan your next development.

Find a team who are well renowned for finding the root cause of problems and making solutions sing, even where others have failed.

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