We have talented testers for virtually any scenario. We’ve provided a sample of the types of pen testing we conduct, it’s not exhaustive but gives a flavour of what you can expect from us.

Assessment Services

  • Bespoke & Web-based Application Testing
  • Web Application Architecture Reviews
  • Application Code Reviews
  • Testing of mobile devices
  • Enterprise Application Security Testing
  • Enterprise Database Security Audits
  • SCADA Process Control Audits
  • VoIP Assessments and Security Consultancy
  • Mail Server Deployments
  • Infrastructure and Architecture Security Reviews
  • Scenario-based Penetration Testing
  • Automated Infrastructure & Application Perimeter Scanning
  • IT Health Check
  • Wireless 802.11x Assessments & Rogue Access Point Identification
  • Operating System, Network Device & COTS Application Build Review
  • Firewall Rulebase Audit
  • Client Security (kiosks, workstations, laptops, mobile devices)
  • Compliance, Risk and Audit

PCI ASV Testing

  • PCI QSA Audits and Consultancy
  • ISO27001 Implementation
  • Risk Management
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Third Party Risk Assessments
  • Business Continuity Management
  • IS&T Operational Health Checks
  • Best Practice Advice

Physical Security, Data Asset Protection and Privacy Services

  • Telephone Based Social Engineering
  • Physical Social Engineering
  • Building Access Security Audits
  • Facilities Management System Reviews
  • CCTV Control Reviews
  • Open Source Research
  • Client Side attacks
  • Personal Information Security Protection
  • Targeted Trojan / Malware Analysis
  • Corporate Resistance to Targeted Attack
  • Corporate Public Profile Review
  • Computer Forensics and Incident Response

Forensics Analysis

  • Information Security Incident Management
  • Secure Data Recovery & File Password Cracking

Ongoing Automated Vulnerability Assessment

  • External and internal network scanning
  • PCI ASV compliant
  • Ad hoc or preprogrammed regular scans
  • Highly granular scanning runs

IT CISO/Security Manager

  • Interim CISO/IT Security Manager
  • Mentoring of existing team
  • Compliance with PCI requirements
  • Fill skill gaps in your current team

How to Engage Us

Sesseto is available for short term engagements nationwide and beyond.

You can engage us through your existing IT reseller, business partner or integrator.
We have existing relationships with most, which means we can be contracted without delay. 

If you'd rather talk to us directly, please contact us and we'll assist via our network. 

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