Security installations are high risk and often require downtime windows for go live which need to be booked weeks in advance. Any slippage or unforeseen problems in an installation can be cause network failures, increase the cost of the activity to the business or cause disruption to operations. Thorough planning is therefore essential to ensure that such issues are avoided.

Our team will recommend that a full architecture is developed before installation, and that a detailed scope of works has been signed off. We will also recommend that a full testing plan is implemented by the end user team. It is imperative that, well in advance of any work taking place, the task is fully understood, risk analysis has been completed and that the impact of the installation on all parts of the business is considered.

Our teams work with the end user to ensure that these prerequisites are in place so that we can confidently predict the outcome of work packages and bring the project to a successful, timely conclusion.

This methodology has proved itself invaluable throughout our history.


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